May 2019 Calendar Printable Templates {PDF, Excel, Word}

It’s very exciting to see you all here. I can’t get any more positivist to find you buddy’s here for the search of May 2019 Calendar Printable. So, you’ve already taken the first step and to go online and search for the dar. Cheers to you Guys!

I can say, that you successfully took the halter of your life in your hand¸

So, here we present you May Calendar in different style and format including blank calendar, holiday, etc., and you can choose as per your convenience and select what suits you best.

May 2019 Calendar

May 2019 Calendar

“People don’t plan to fail, they Fail to Plan.”

This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin is very apt to point out the key ingredient of any person’s success, that is- advance planning. Here we provide you with the opportunity to plan your day and month in advance just by using these free downloadable and printable May Calendar. We are very happy to share it with you wish you all the best on your journey towards success.

These printable calendars can be put to so many uses and I hope you all are well aware of these, and if not, it’s not a big deal, we aren’t Donald Trump who would deny something, even if we don’t know it and pretend to know. So, these were invented and as it was nearly impossible to carry heavy hard calendar everywhere to work, school, etc. So, the Printable Calendar came into existence and were put to use and Kaboom! We get such a great tool to solve our daily problem.

We can now schedule our appointments beforehand date-wise and can see it all the time so that we don’t forget it.

We can now plan ahead everything and write it on the calendar, yes! you read that right, you can also write on these calendars which is available in the blank format. We can print it and write in it so that you don’t have to worry anymore about forgetting and it acts as a reminder whenever you will see it.

You see how easy it seems to continue on the path of success where everyone wants to walk, but only a few reach their destination. And now I believe in you that you will definitely reach the destination of your journey as you have this easily usable Calendar and now you can plan your journey and can check for the deviations if any. This gives you an opportunity to learn from the past mistakes and head for a new start.

May 2019 Printable Calendar

May 2019 Printable Calendar

Did you know, what your perception can achieve if it’s put up in a good use? The human mind’s perception is just like a sharp knife. It’s bloody sharp if it’s used regularly and cut through any situation by its sharpness and logical reasoning but if its put to rot and not used regularly, then it may get blunt and will remain of no use then. So, what do you want, do you want to use your brain and increase your productivity or just sit idle and watch Netflix and go old in your awesome age? Sometimes, it’s hard to feel the urge of doing something, and that is totally correct, but when you will sit in peaceful mind and think of what you wanna achieve in your life, then you will definitely get an urge to start making your life useful and productive.

So, here we present you the free Printable calendar for the month of May 2019, and we wish you to grow in the ladder of life and make your Life fruitful.



I am pretty sure that there must have been times when you tried to remember your friend’s birthday/anniversary before one month for each and every day and forgot right at the moment. I know how’s that feel and it’s wasn’t your fault too. So, never let that mistake happen again. Start by writing’s the birthdays/anniversary of near-dear beforehand and just wait for the day to come and wish them before everyone else and make them feel special. You can also plan for the surprise party if only you know who’s birthday is coming when.

Calendar 2019 May with Holidays

Calendar 2019 May with Holidays

If I could wish for one thing to God, I would ask, “Bless me with the Holiday, my Lord!” :p. The week would be so boring without a weekend and ultimately Life would be too. So, here is the May Calendar with all the Holidays starting with the May Day itself. These calendar helps you to plan your vacations in advance and gives you room for the preparation and planning.

Now you can plan a family vacation with your family without disappointing your children and wife. You can go out with your girl/boy and you know, you can get a chance to get laid. :P, Jokes apart, but this hell of a tool and is very useful.

2019 May Calendar

I would like to share a personal incident with you about my own life. I am a trekking enthusiast and a travel freak, but from the day I joined my job, I was not able to go out even in weekends. Then I printed these calendar in 2016, and planned all my appointment and holidays in advance and believe me, I haven’t missed a single weekend or holiday since then. As I am able to plan my day in advance, it gives me enough room to plan my holiday and I am also able to keep the tracks of my day more properly.

2019 May Calendar

2019 May Calendar

“Success comes only to those who do the right thing at the right time.”

Though everyone wants, success then why only a few gets it and other just blame someone or something for their failure.

It’s ultimately all about-YOU. You are the one responsible for your success or failure. If only you plan everything and go as per the schedule, then no one can stop you from getting what you want, I can bet that.

If you use this calendar properly and with the regularity then the success is yours for sure.

The reason I focus on regularity is that habits are made over a period of time and is not one day’s job. If you could bring consistency in your work and as the Albert Einstein quoted “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”. Indeed true, you are what you practice every day and this builds your personality and nature.

You must have heard the “The Tortoise and the Hare”. The reason for tortoise win is consistency and regularity in work and you bring the same in your life just by applying your few minutes of time and save the larger portion of time without wondering as what and when to do.

It’s all about what you practice every day, did you practice-blaming others and complaining, coz if you do, you will be very great and perfect in finding an error on others and complaining on even the perfect things in the world. So, you are what you practice every day.

May Day

Very few may know it about the May Day as it is not celebrated in our U.S, But its story goes back 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. The Labor Day which we celebrate in September was originated from here. And all over the world celebrate the May 1st as the Labor Day.

Mother’s Day

As we observe the May 2019 calendar, we have Mother’s Day on 13th May, the most auspicious day to express gratitude to Mothers by their son and daughter.

Someone once said, “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created Mother.”

You are someone’s Son and Daughter and you can express your gratitude to the most beautiful person in the world by giving a surprise party or taking her to a vacation or even a simple act of presenting flower and reminding her how much she means to you can bring joy to her.

Memorial Day

We also have a great day this month as Memorial Day on May 28. This is the day of giving tribute to all the soldiers who died protecting us. Being a Federal Holiday, it gives us so much time to learn about them via the internet and tv. You can take this day especially for your children and tell them about the brave soldiers and inculcate the brave and patriotic nature in them.

2019 May Calendar for Kids/Students

2019 May Calendar for Kids/Students

Hey fellas, we present you the best interactive May 2019 Calendar for the kids and students. This calendar invites the kids to use by themselves with its interactive and creative look. So, if you are a parent then you must definitely get this and nurture the habits from their very childhood so that they won’t face the problem of backlogs and inconsistency like the other ones. This one habit can change their life and they can achieve what they want in their life.

The habit that is cuddled in childhood remains all over life until death comes away. This is the best thing about starting early. The early they start this, the better their life becomes. A child never asks for advice, instead he learn from, what it sees in its environment, if as a parent you are very sorted out and use the tool such as calendar to make your daily plan and fix appointment and meetings in advance, then there’s no way that your child can miss it and this calendar will definitely urge him to start his routine.

May 2019 Calendar PDF

The May 2019 Calendar available in pdf format for free download and use and it’s now very easy for editing online too. You can save your items through editing in this format and can keep in online, you can watch it anywhere and can also send your schedule to anyone in seconds. If you don’t want others to see them, you can also add a password in this too. And nobody but you can see it.

Click here for- May 2019 Calendar PDF

Download May 2019 Calendar Excel

If You are a tech-savvy, then you must know how an excel file or spreadsheet is very useful for maintaining data through rows and column and the best thing about excel is you can fill and modify the cells as per your requirement. This format is considered very best for editing and keeping data for the analysis and conclusion. As you are only going to keep tracks of your daily schedule or meetings and appointment, it should not get very complex for you. You can always ask your query through the comment box and we are very eager to help you.

 Click here for- May-2019-Calendar Excel

May Calendar 2019 Word

The Other format in which it’s also available is through the (.doc) file that is a word file. This also comes to great help when you want to add notes below the calendar or add something on the sides too. This is easily editable via p.c or smartphones and you can even take out a printout whenever and wherever you want it. This is very useful for the person who wants to get more creative and further design the font, colour, size or design of the template and make their daily routine look interactive.

Click here for- May 2019 Calendar word 

May 2019 Blank Calendar

May 2019 Blank Calendar

One cannot judge someone before meeting them and knowing them. Also, you all belong to different age group and profession and have lots of things going in your life. First thing I would suggest you to get hold your life and plan ahead for your next move. It is indeed the first step to success and now as you are here, you can take it very high in your life.

So, here we present you with the Blank Calendar in which you can write whatever you want. Also, it gives you enough space to summaries your daily events and plan and sticks to it.

Did you know, you can make a Vocab-calendar out of it and write the word of the day and learn a new word every day. This can also be done for anything, suppose you want to learn the new topics every day, then just write all in advance and as the days will pass you have learnt 31 new topics in the month of May. Isn’t that sounds awesome? It’s so simple and easy, you don’t need to take stress for your school examination no more. Just write each topic prior to the one month and start learning one day and you will be miraculous in front of others.


May 2019 Calendar with Notes

You cannot achieve anything in your life without giving 100% of your effort. Whether you play games or focus on learning something or cracking a deal you can’t achieve it, if half of you is here and half is somewhere else. So, grasp the hold of your life and use this template to write a mini blog in the note section as what to so when? Or what are your thoughts or important notes which you want to remind yourself every time you see it? Make the best use of this note and align all your work in a single line and achieve it as you walk through the journey of life. You can also keep the track of something in this note as when’s the last time you filled gas in your vehicle or on what dates the exams are, which project or assignment is due for when and many more, the uses are infinite and you are the one who has to make sure the best use.

“Motivation gets you ignited, Desire is what keeps you going”

This calendar is the best tool if you are looking to achieve your goal in your life. Start planning your day and mark the dates as soon as you complete it and also get motivated by seeing how far you have come and it keeps the fire in you on as you will be able to see daily how much you achieve till now and can’t stop till the deadline.

Let us suppose I took the challenge to go to the gym daily. I start by May 1st and will do the mark regularly. Then, it gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to see my calendar all marked up and in a week’s time, the calendar will look so active that, I can’t miss the gym only to get the calendar filled up, coz it looks so perfect getting marked up daily and a sense of joy gets to spine giving a chill experience, every time I see the calendar.

So, I think you are getting my point about what I am trying to say. This Calendar not only motivates you but also keeps reminding your desire that where you wanna go and makes sure you achieve it.


Kudos! To everyone who came here and got these free downloadable and printable May 2019 calendars as you now became the part of that population which sorts their life out and live with ease. You are champ and I believe in you. Be this is for your meetings, appointments, homework, daily routine or whatsoever reason, but this is definitely going to make your purpose a piece of, once again I wish you’re all the best for your success and hope you would achieve your target without getting stressed and worry. You are now ready to go out and rock the world with your compassion and hard work.

So, what are you thinking, if you like this and think that it’s going to enhance your life, then do share it with your friend and family and also be a part of making their life cheerful and easy?

As the article coming to an end, I request you to suggest some measures or correction, if you think there should be any, and please share on the comment box below and your views will be duly noted. No one is perfect in this world and I regularly try to enhance my skill and try to overcome the obstacle in me. So, your views are highly recommendable and useful.

Cheers to you guys and enjoy!